Thursday, March 27, 2008

In 2006, it was a Martin St. Louis OT goal that officially ended the Leafs' playoff dreams. At the time, it was hard to believe the Leafs wouldn't make the post-season, shocking even.

In 2007, a Wade Dubliwicz poke-check (the last and final play of the 2006-2007 NHL season) brought it all crashing down. As much as I disliked the direction of the team and it's management, missing the playoffs still stung.

This year, it was a powerplay goal by the 87 year old Glen Murray that officially once-and-for-all put a fork in the Leafs. (For those of you without Leafs TV, Murray parked his walker in the corner, hobbled to the front of the net and tucked one in without a white jersey going anywhere near him. Maybe the Leafs were respecting their elders or maybe that's how teams with the 30th ranked PK roll.) Unlike previous years, any disappointment at this club failing to reach the post-season was used up months ago. Seeing them flop and fail against the Bruins produced a great big "meh"

So now it's time to focus on coach firings, GM hirings, waivers, shutting down the injured and infirm and prepping for the draft. Oh, and let's go Raycroft!


  1. what the hell was mccabe doing on that goal by murray? why was he on his knees attempting to block a pass when no one was on the other side of the crease for murray to pass to?

    our PK was so brutal man all year...just so brutal...

    and NO raycroft...bring up pogge...these are the perfect games for him

  2. Anonymous11:29 am

    @ Navin:

    Dude, how are these "perfect" games for Pogge? Introduce the guy to the NHL behind a defence that is incompetent at the best of times and that is now completely disinterested in the outcome of the games? Sounds like a recipe for post-traumatic stress disorder to me.

  3. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Pogge has a good thing going this year with the Marlies. Let him stay there and enjoy some success. It will be far better for his development than inserting him into a lineup that failed to show up for the two most important games of the season.

    As much as the past 6 weeks or so have been entertaining and encouraging, these past two games against Boston clearly exposed the flaws of this team. Horrible defensive play, inability to score when it matters, questionable personnel decisions, no physical presence whatsoever, and a complete lack of heart were all on display this week. Serious, and massive, changes are required on this team before the playoffs can be considered a remote possibility.