Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Take one step and miss the whole first rung

The Leafs 6-2 loss to the Snoozin' Bruins may help answer a question that has puzzled me since February 26: how many must-win games can one team actually lose? Based on the season to date and the attendant media nonesense, my guess is three, maybe four.

The Leafs coughing up six (rather ugly) goals to the Bruins marks the first time Boston has potted a six-spot since November. It may also mark a very sad day at the CBC. With the Leafs out of the playoffs, I foresee mass layoffs down at the CBC and a move to a 24 hour cycle of nothing but Mr. Dressup, the Friendly Giant, Trouble with Tracy and King of Kensington re-runs.

As for the draft v. playoff-drive debate: the Leafs are six points out with five games to go. More importantly, the Leafs are five up on the Islanders who sit in 26th - the final spot that has a (remote) shot at winning the draft lottery.

If I were coach or GM, it would clearly be Raycroft time (hint: scan down to 75th spot to find him).


  1. Anonymous11:57 am

    I agree, it's Raycroft time. Not that it would make much difference, but just to be sure, I say we send him out there with no stick. Just for fun, we might consider sending him out there without a cup.

    If the Leafs losing means less Tudors and more Dressup, I for one think this is a sacrifice we fans must make for our country.

  2. Wow, dude, "Trouble With Tracy" reference. Huge.

  3. Please no Raycroft. I have tickets on Saturday night and I'm driving ten hours to get there. :(

  4. It's because of people like Chemmy that the Leafs can't tank. There are people who spend their own money to watch the Leafs and who wants to see Raycroft fumble his way through a game.

    But I'm with you mf37. This team is so dysfunctional that I doubt they could tank if they tried. Funny how in meaningless games McCabe, Tucker, Blake and Kubina came up big. As soon as the pressure returned they choked. Now that they are done, watch them play big again.

    They all have to go if this team is ever to be straightened out.

  5. Anonymous4:48 pm

    I was disappointed to see the Leafs come out with such an uninspired effort on Tuesday.

    BUT if it means Trouble with Tracy reruns, it was all worth it! Thanks for showing us the silver lining, Mike!

    No Raycroft until after Saturday's game! Like Chemmy, I'll be there. Despite the rotten season we've experienced, if they beat the Habs on Saturday I'll have a smile on my face that will carry me through the summer.