Friday, August 15, 2008

Kubina Trade Window About to Close

The window to trade Pavel Kubina closes today (August 15).

After Kubina squashed a trade-deadline deal last February, I was positive Cliff Fletcher would deal him out of town faster than Jason Blake can ruin an odd man rush with a 40 foot wrist shot.

How sure was I that Kubina would be dealt?

I would have wagered some of my most prized posessions on it: the near-mint Rocky Saganiuk rookie card; my 7" 45 RPM of Meco's Theme from Close Encounters; or even my framed, autographed 8x10 photo of Margaret Colin as Claire McCarron.

With just a few hours to go until Kubina's trade window closes, I'm guessing it's a good thing I didn't place any bets...

McCabe to Florida?

With Kubina appearing to be staying put, the hot rumour has McCabe headed to Florida.

I just want to make sure I have this straight.

The Leafs have upwards of ten D-men on their roster and the alleged return for McCabe is D-man Mike VanRyn? Meaning that after the trade the Leafs will still have upwards of 10 NHL D-men fighting for seven or eight spots.


I have to believe the Leafs are going to get some other combination of prospects/picks/forwards back in any deal for McCabe, but then again when I first posted about possible trade destinations for McCabe on July 3, Florida was one of the first teams I ruled out...

For those of you so inclined to make up a better deal with the Panthers, Florida's roster with cap hits, can be found here. A list of Florida prospects is here.

I'll give even odds that if JFJ were re-appointed GM, he'd work hard to get Kilger back as the centerpiece to the trade.

New(ish) Leaf Blogs

I've been trying to keep the sidebar up to date, but it seems like the last few weeks have seen a bunch of new Leaf Blogs hit the ice.

If you write for one or if you know of one that isn't listed, please let me know and I'll update the blogroll. Thanks.


  1. Much like the rumored Ottawa/LA/Chicago three-way, the McCabe rumor smacks of some collective wishful thinking. Both McCabe and Van Ryn would be albatross players on their new teams -- the only benefit to the trade would be swapping old headaches for new ones.

  2. i read that the leafs will be sending another player in the deal...possibly another d-man? white, perhaps?

    i agree, though, the last thing we need is another d-man coming back, although i've always liked van ryn a bit...

    i would have been content with a draft pick or two...

    but i'll still give mccabe props for finally backing down. the guy hasn't exactly been treated fairly. it's a shame it had to come to this

  3. Toronto Sports Media has had some pretty good stuff:

  4. Anonymous11:45 am

    That LA/Chicago/ottawa three way was ridiculous from the beginning.

    This one at least makes a modicum of sense as does the delay in completing it.

    I don't think what's been rumoured would be the final iteration of the deal though and if White was sent too then I'd do cartwheels.

  5. DGB - Thanks for the link, I've added them...

    As for the McCabe deal, the only thing it has going for it is it wasn't broken by Garrioch, Eklund or Strachan...

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