Friday, August 29, 2008

Memo to the Star: Fire Cox and I'll take a 7 Day Subscription

Generally hated American sports columnis Jay Mariotti quit the Chicago Sun-Times this week (likely setting the record for the all-time shortest resignation letter, an email that said: "I quit").

How did local sports fans react to the news?

By taking out subscriptions to the paper...a fact that the Sun-Times marketing people jumped all over. Here's the rather brilliant banner headline from the Sun-Times:

I'm not that bald

At a time when newspapers are allegedly dying, here's a simple business model that is guaranteed to put the circulation numbers through the roof: fire Damien Cox and I'll take out a five day subscription to the Star. Throw in DiManno and I'll make it a multi-year, seven day commitment and I'll encourage every member of Leafs nation to do the same.

The Print Measurement Bureau won't know what hit them.

ht: deadspin


  1. Anonymous11:29 am

    But if they fired Cox, what would you have to complain about?

  2. Anonymous11:57 am

    He's a Leafs fan. The Lord will provide.

  3. What would I have to complain about? Off the top of my head...

    The bastard that stole my bike
    JFJ's long-term damage
    Fletcher's puzzling "asset management"
    Kids today and their music
    Kerry Fraser
    The ever declining state of my horrible slap shot...

  4. Understandable point of view.

    Hab fans (at least those who can read English) LOVE Damian Cox. We all wish he could slap MLSE in French too!

    From what I have read, Westerners also love Cox's routine bashing of the Leafs. Perhaps The Star wants to appeal to a larger audience than just the GTA.

    Habs En

  5. Only a habs fan could love Damian Cox.
    If the Star were ever to get rid of him I will also buy a subscription and have it couriered to Newfoundland.

  6. Anonymous3:50 pm

    add Doug Smith (raptors columnist) and I'll buy for the next decade!!