Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Live blog from the ACC

I'm going to see if I can post some thoughts live from the game at the ACC. Not sure if the technology will work here...

It's officially a recession if not a depression as I'm watching this game from comped seats in the purples, not the lower bowl of sushi and suits...the McDonalds pre-game skater was a goalie and it was off the unintentional comedy scale seeing a kid in goalie pads trying to skate laps carrying a flag.

Leafs have an all-North American starting line-up with 5 of 6 guys hailing from Canada (Hanson is the only non-Canadian).

The ceremony for May was great, classy move to have Red Kelly on hand, as well as Kris King and Rob Ray. Funny to see May giving everyone big hugs. May's mum mouthed a big, "Oh wow!" when Michael Burgess was announced and sang her lungs out to both National anthems.

ACC is quiet as a morgue so far...isn't Stajan and roughing an oxymoron? Crowd really wanted a penalty shot on the Vanek penalty...

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