Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Live from the ACC: Start of period 2

8:09 - biggest cheer of the game so far was a trivia contest that resulted in a big mac give-away for everyone in attendance.

Further sign of the economic downturn: during the first intermission they held a race with remote control cars on the ice, there was a coloured car to represent each section of the stands. The gold car didn't even get off the starting line.

Bad jersey alert: there's a couple near us wearing Afinogenov jerseys. Her's is an old-school blue and gold, his is the slug white.

Another guy nearby is in a royal blue corduroy 1994 New York Rangers Stanley Cup Champ jacket. Guaranteed to repel all single women within 100 feet.

Leafs just hit the ice, time for period #2...

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