Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Live from the ACC: After 40 Minutes

Some thoughts after 40 minutes down at the ACC...

It always struck me that the best thing for the Leafs this year was to play hard, develop their kids and lose a lot of one goal games. Leafs still have a chance to go three for three tonight, although I'd be most impressed if they came out flying in the third. Been a bit of a "meh" game so far. As much as I want a higher draft pick, I'd love to see Cujo and the Leafs get the win.

No Leaf wants to go to the front of the net tonight and it's killing their PP. Be nice to see the Leafs acquire a big body that will create some traffic in front.

Stajan is softer than a roomfull of those little white kittens that shill toilet paper.

To err is human, to make a big save is canine. Cujo looked awful - way too deep in his net - on the sabres first goal but has made a couple of beautiful stops tonight.

I've always hated those "make noise" and "Clap hands" interstitials on the scoreboard but they work. The fans sit on their hands until one of these digital prompts come up and then we all clap and cheer on cue. Sad.

Over under on Tragically Hip songs at the ACC has to be three if not four. They get played a lot. Sadly, no music from Chixdiggit yet.

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