Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An Ambulance Only Goes so Fast

I missed the Leafs game against Colorado as I was busy losing a hockey game of my own.

The winning (losing?) goal in my 2-1 game was scored from out near the red line. It beat our goalie clean from 60 feet out. I've always dreamed of playing for the Leafs and for one magical night I got to know just how it feels to see a hard fought game lost on a routine shot.

Continuing with the personal take, the good news about the Leafs current six game losing skid is I think I've already moved through four of the five stages of grief.

1. Denial: "We totally outplayed the Habs and deserved the win. It took two blown calls for the Senators to beat us. This team cannot be this bad."

2. Anger: "My grandmother could have stopped that Ovechkin shot. How many times can this team go down a goal a few minutes into the game?!?"

3. Bargaining: "If the team only had an average goalie...maybe the D just needs time go gel."

4. Depression: "Can't say I've seen a team down by a single goal roll over a play dead in the third like that."

5. Acceptance: With the absence of a first round pick, I'm not sure I can get past level four. I hated the Kessel deal when it was made and I hate it even more now. I'm not at acceptance yet, maybe in February I'll be numb to the horror.

I was a big proponent of keeping the kids on the farm this season. Shelter them from the tough minutes at the NHL level and let them play 20+ minutes a night in all situations for the Marlies. Bring 'em up next year, give them PP time and let-them have free reign on the soft-parade.

But I'm starting to re-consider.

If the club is going to be this bad, and let's face it, the young season has produced some atrocious hockey, maybe the kids should get thrown into the fire.

Why not give Hanson, Boazk and Tlusty a 10 game run alongside Stalberg? Sure two or three vets are likley going to get exposed to waivers and might be lost, but isn't this organzation all about players earning their spots and being held accountable?

In 2005-06, the Leafs had a number of underachieving, older veterans on the club and struggled with the inconsistent goaltending of an aging Eddie Belfour and a tandem of Mikael Tellqvist and JS Aubin. It was only when the old guard was hurt and the kids were given a chance that the Leafs reeled off a number of wins. That's how Ian White got his shot.

Maybe it's time to see what the kids can do.

After all, they couldn't do any worse.


  1. your post really made me laugh even tough i ... well all one can do is laugh at this point i suppose.

  2. Stage 4 for me....

  3. Great post. I'd call up as many young guys as possible.

  4. Totally agree. Tlusty should be playing. Hanson too. What's the point of running guys like Mayers and Rosehill and Orr out there. It's silly.

    And I'm not going to think about the Kessel deal right now.

  5. I'm still on the fence when it comes to the Kessel deal but as far as playing the kids, why not. Kadri can stand to get bigger and can't be recalled now anyway but the rest are ready ... let them play.

  6. Anonymous11:52 pm

    I am permanently stuck in Stage 2...ANGER!!!!

  7. Anonymous10:26 am

    hopeless season guaranteed ...play the kids...except kadri