Monday, October 12, 2009

Toronto Maple Leafs: Ugly numbers

After playing three hundred and four minutes and forty seven seconds of hockey this young season, the Leafs have held a lead for all of six minutes and forty seconds. That's about 2% of total time on ice.

The Leafs trailed Montreal for 7:12, Washington for 58:43, Ottawa for 33:15, Pittsburgh for 56:40 and the New York Rangers for 57:26.

All told, the Leafs have been in the hole for 213:16 of this season or 70% of their time on the ice.

The Leafs have yet to score the first goal of a game and have given up a goal in the first three minutes of play against Washington, Pittsburgh and New York.

Vesa Toskala has given up at least one goal in every single period he's played. The longest Toskala has gone without surrendering a goal is 29:12 (part of the second and part of the third period) against Montreal.

Gustavsson has put up zeroes in two of the three periods he played.

The Leafs have given up 24 goals in five games and are dead last, 30th overall, in goals against.

Averaging 2.5 goals a game, the Leafs are 24th in goals for.

The Leafs are 29th in the NHL on the PK (let's hear it for Dallas!) and 10th on the PP.

With an, ahem, winning percentage of .100, the Leafs are last in the North East Division, last in the Eastern Conference and dead last overall.

With 77 games remaining, to hit the 95 point mark (the presumed cut-off to qualify for the playoffs) the Leafs have to play .611 hockey for the balance of the season.

These are your 2009-2010 Toronto Maple Leafs.


  1. Well, when you put that way it doesn't sound so bad after all...WOW!! And to make matters worse, no first or second round pick this year. I sure hope Kessel can play net.


  2. Anonymous12:10 am

    Some more: Toronto's NHL worst 293 goals against last season, on pace for 377 goals against this year.

  3. It was super easy getting into this mess, it will be just as easy getting out of it. A string of 5 wins will do wonders.

    I truly believe that Toskala is the problem. Das boot!

  4. Anonymous11:10 am

    Those figures have made me even more depressed! I'm off to cry now...

  5. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Its not toskala...its retards around him who don't know how to play positions and thats a result of bad coaching staff, lack of hustle. Grit and brawn comes in smart, clean, hard checking and tenacious forechecking, not doofbags like mayers, orr, comatoast and exelby and not what wilson is putting on the ice. He can bench whoever he wants, this team doesn't want to play for him. He's an idiot.

    Comisarek is a moron. Sorry this is a bag of knuckleheads and it starts from the thickheaded ungenius burke. Wilson is a loser, never took the sharks over the hump. Almost pushed marleau out of town. Losers attract losers.

    I hope leafland goes 0-79-1 and Boston gets lotteries. Go hawks.

  6. Anonymous - that is hands down the best comment I have ever received. From the insulting language to the horrible spelling to the neologisms (ungenius?)- it just rocks.

    It's like an 8 year old experimenting with google translate.

    Well played sir. Go Hawks indeed.