Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Nice Shot Antro: Games Updated through Feb. 14


When you outshoot a team nearly 3:1, it's hard to lay blame on the losing team. That said, if anyone knows what Antropov was thinking in the shoot-out, I'd love to know. Who the hell goes five hole from the other side of the hash marks?

Here's how the crazy east looks with another one day after another ACC home ice loss in the books:

Winning Percentage: Projections for the Post-Season
TeamWin %GR Record to 92 Pts Record to 95 Pts
1. BUFFALO0.702256-19-07-18-1
2. NEW JERSEY0.667258-17-09-15-1
3. PITTSBURGH0.6162611-14-113-13-0
4. OTTAWA0.5952411-12-113-11-1
5. ATLANTA0.5852311-11-113-10-0
6. TAMPA BAY0.5692413-11-014-9-1
7. CAROLINA0.5512313-9-115-8-0
8. TORONTO0.5442515-10-016-8-1
8. NY ISLANDERS0.5442515-10-016-8-1
9. MONTREAL0.5422314-9-015-7-1
11. NY RANGERS0.5272616-9-118-8-0
12. BOSTON0.5092718-9-019-7-1
13. WASHINGTON0.4742519-620-4-1
14. FLORIDA0.4662318-4-120-3-0

Teams are sorted by winning percentage, not points. Teams have not been re-seeded by division standings. Philadelphia cannot make 92 or 95 points.

Math was done by hand (while coding with Blogger's awkward interface) so please let me know if there are any errors.


  1. I sat absolutely stunned by Antro's shot.

    That table looks a lot better on the race to 92 side of things compared to the 95 side.

    It's going to be tight again.

  2. Anonymous5:07 pm

    I think it was a case of reverse logic, make the one shot that has no chance of ever scoring because the goalie won't expect it and won't be prepared for it. Then, if the planets are aligned just right, and DiPietro is busy counting his latest deposit from his monster contract, maybe, just maybe, it sneaks its way into the back of the net.

    Or maybe Antropov is just a waste of $1 million.

  3. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Hey now, Antropov has played some big hockey lately...if anything, I think he's a real bargain. Its Maurice's fault for selecting him to take the shot. As for the actual shot...well...he didn't fall down. Couldn't O'Neill and Steen have gotten the job done right?

  4. Wow, Maurice's fault?

    If didn't fall down is the criteria by which we measure these things, I could stand to make league minimum.

    One other thought: if you were to poll people on the worst ownership in the league, Wang and the Islanders would probably be up there(Wirtz and Jacobs would likely round out the top 3).

    If you were to ask about bad GMs, Snow would likely be keeping company with Chicago.

    Somehow that ownership and that GM have achieved an identical record to MLSE and JFJ.

    That's some company. Quite the peer group.

  5. Anonymous10:25 pm

    Heh...call it the triple deke times zero.